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Find the steps to publish a notice, what we need to process your request, how to send requests, and publishing rates.

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Steps to publish a notice

Step 1: Complete sections 1, 2 and 3 of the form

Consult the publishing rates section for more information on which form to use.

If you are a federal department or agency: Request for insertion for federal departments and agencies.

If you are a non-federal client or Crown corporation: Request for insertion for non-federal clients.

Step 2: Save your request as a PDF and submit it by email

Click on the “Print” button at the bottom of the form after you have completed the required fields. Save the document as a PDF on your device.  

Submit your request by email to

Secret classified notices: if you have a secret classified document to be published, send an email (without including the secret content) to

Step 3: Confirmation of contact information

The Canada Gazette Directorate will contact the person identified in the contact name of your request to confirm the details of your request.

Step 4: Invoicing

The Canada Gazette Directorate will send an invoice to the person identified in your request after your notice is published.

What we need to process your request

  • The completed Request for insertion form
  • Your notice in Microsoft Word in English and in French
  • Images included in the notice must be in high-resolution and in a JPEG file format (maximum size 800 pixels)
  • Detailed descriptions in English and in French for complex images, such as maps, graphs and charts

Publishing rates effective from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

The Canada Gazette adjusts its annual publishing rates using the consumer price index (CPI) and to comply with the requirements of the Service Fees Act.

Crown corporations, private sector and other levels of government

Crown corporations: organizations listed in Schedule III of the Financial Administration Act.

Private sector and other levels of government: entities that are not owned or operated by the Federal government.

These rates are based on a full page for Part I and Part II. Footnote 1

  • Part I: $461.84 per page plus applicable taxes
  • Part II: $140.16 per page plus applicable taxes

Use this form for insertion: Request for insertion for non-federal clients.

Other Government of Canada organizations

Other Government of Canada organizations: Government of Canada organizations that are not Crown corporations (Schedule III) and not listed in Schedule ISchedule I.1 or Schedule II of the Financial Administration Act such as the House of Commons or the Senate of Canada.

These rates are based on a full page for Part I and Part II.Footnote 1

  • Part I : $406.70 per page
  • Part II : $159.69 per page

Complete the Request for insertion for federal departments and agencies.

Federal departments and agencies

Organizations that are listed in Schedule I , Schedule I.1  or Schedule II  of the Financial Administration Act
Categories One page Small
(2 to 15 pages)
(16 to 30 pages)
(31 pages or more)
Part I and Part II $344.96 $1,725.89 $6,214.69 $18,987.97

Complete the Request for insertion for federal departments and agencies.

Late submissions and requests for cancellation of a notice for publication after the applicable deadlines are subject to approval by the Canada Gazette. Rush fees and cancellation fees may apply.

Service Fees

On April 1, 2022, the Canada Gazette made changes to its publishing rate model, including remissions for failing to meet its service standard. Our service standard is to maintain a publishing accuracy rating of over 99% for every notice we publish. The standard applies to errors that we publish (for example, typo, mistake or something different than what you provide to us).

Remissions are the reimbursement of a fee or portion of a fee for failing to meet our service standard, and only applies to non-federal entities (for example, crown corporations, private sector and other levels of government) that are not listed in Schedule I and I.1 and II of the Financial Administration Act.

We were required to make these changes based on legislation called the Service Fees Act, which increases transparency, accountability and predictability regarding service fees that the Government of Canada charges to Canadians.


Remissions are dependent on the overall percentage of accuracy of the publication. This calculation is based on the total number of pages containing errors. Any publication that has the accuracy of 99% or more is not entitled to a remission.

Example: If your notice is 25 pages, and we publish 5 pages that contain errors, we will divide the number of incorrect pages by the total number of pages: 5/25 = 20%. This means that reimbursement will be 20% of our listed publishing rates.

Interest will not be paid for remissions. Only the value of the fees that did not meet service standards will be reimbursed.

Reimbursement and concerns

We will try to reimburse you as soon as we become aware that we did not meet our service standard. While we will try to reimburse you as soon as we become aware, you should expect to be reimbursed no later than March 31 of the same fiscal year that the error was made. Our fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31. In circumstances where we publish something erroneously towards the end of our fiscal year, we must reimburse you no later than the following June 30.

Contact us if you have questions about remissions or if you notice a mistake in your publication that we caused by:

More details

For more detailed explanations about Service Fees and Public Services and Procurement Canada’s policy on remissions such as our obligations, visit the Changes to our fees under the Service Fees Act section of their website. PSPC monitors its results against its performance standards for the service fees that are subject to the performance standards requirements.

To see the latest results, which are published in the annual fees report, please see PSPC’s fees reports.


For billing and pricing questions, send an email to

For questions or comments about our service, contact the Canada Gazette.

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