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Mailing and general inquiries

Mailing address

Canada Gazette Directorate
5-350 Albert St
Ottawa ON  K1A 0S5

In-person or courier deliveries for secret classified documents

By appointment only. Contact us to coordinate in-person or courier delivery.

Canada Gazette Directorate
Public Services and Procurement Canada
5-350 Albert St
Ottawa ON  K1R 1A4

General inquiries

Canada Gazette Directorate staff are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm eastern time.

Telephone by sector

Publishing in the Canada Gazette, Part I

Telephone: 343-573-1017

Publishing in the Canada Gazette, Part II

Telephone: 343-998-4984

Billing and pricing questions

Client Portfolio Officer and outstanding invoices
Telephone: 613-996-2495

Credit card payment

Cashier’s office
Telephone: 873-469-4237 or 873-469-4238

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