Order Amending the Schedule to the Privacy Act: SOR/2021-189

Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 155, Number 17

SOR/2021-189 August 6, 2021


P.C. 2021-834 August 6, 2021

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, pursuant to paragraph 77(2)(a) footnote a of the Privacy Act footnote b, makes the annexed Order Amending the Schedule to the Privacy Act.

Order Amending the Schedule to the Privacy Act


1 The schedule to the Privacy Act footnote b is amended by adding the following in alphabetical order under the heading “Other Government Institutions”:

Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada

Agence de développement économique du Pacifique Canada

Coming into Force

2 This Order comes into force on August 6, 2021.