Order Authorizing the Issue of Two Two-dollar Commemorative Circulation Coins Specifying the Characteristics and Determining the Designs (Insulin): SOR/2021-105

Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 155, Number 11

SOR/2021-105 May 14, 2021


Order Authorizing the Issue of Two Two-dollar Commemorative Circulation Coins Specifying the Characteristics and Determining the Designs (Insulin)

P.C. 2021-395 May 14, 2021

His Excellency the Administrator of the Government of Canada in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance, pursuant to sections 6.4 footnote a and 6.5footnote a of the Royal Canadian Mint Act footnote b, authorizes the issue of two two-dollar circulation coins, the characteristics of which are to be as specified in item 1.1 footnote c of Part 2 of the schedule to that Act and the diameter of which is to be 28.03 mm, and determines the design of the coins to be as follows:


(This statement is not part of the Order.)


The Royal Canadian Mint (the Mint) seeks to produce two $2 commemorative circulation coins marking the 100th anniversary of the Canadian discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes. The two $2 coins would have one shared design that would be produced in coloured and non-coloured versions.


The Mint produces commemorative circulation coins as a means to assist in the promotion of Canada, as well as Canadian values, culture and history. These special coins engage the Canadian public while raising awareness about topics, stories and events of importance to Canadians.


The objective of this Order is to authorize the Mint to produce two $2 commemorative circulation coins to mark the 100th anniversary of the Canadian discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes. These coins would serve as tangible keepsakes of this life-saving innovation. Insulin therapy has improved and saved the lives of countless millions of people across Canada and around the world. It is a critical discovery in medical science.


The two $2 coloured and non-coloured coins would feature the same design depicting an insulin monomer, scientific instruments used in the early formulation of insulin (vial, mortar and pestle, and Erlenmeyer flask) overlaid on a maple leaf as well as red blood cells, glucose, and insulin molecules. The words “INSULIN” and “INSULINE” appear on the coin's outer ring, as do the years “1921” and “2021”, denoting the anniversary.

Regulatory development


This Order was not subject to a prepublication comment period through the Canada Gazette, Part I, because coin designs do not have a regulatory or legislative impact on the Canadian public. However, the Mint welcomes ideas for coin themes and designs submitted by the public through its website.

Quantitative market research was conducted between October 18 and November 8, 2019, through an online survey sent to a nationally representative sample consisting of 1 871 respondents over the age of 18, residing in Canada. Ninety per cent of respondents indicated that they like the design, suggesting broad support for the coin.

In addition, Mint officials consulted directly with the following organizations to assess their support, and use their input to drive the creation and development of the recommended design. All of these organizations have indicated their support for the coin.

Modern treaty obligations and Indigenous engagement and consultation

This Order would not impact Indigenous rights and/or modern treaty obligations.

Instrument choice

Pursuant to sections 6.4 and 6.5 of the Royal Canadian Mint Act (the Act), the Administrator in Council may, by order, authorize the issuance of circulation coins of a denomination listed in Part 2 of the schedule of that Act and determine the design of any circulation coin to be issued. This Order is the only instrument choice available under the Act to authorize the issuance of circulation coins.

Regulatory analysis

Benefits and costs

The Mint would incur some program costs in issuing these new commemorative coins. No additional costs for Canadians, businesses, or other stakeholders are anticipated.

These coins would communicate the significance of this critical breakthrough in medical science by Canadian researchers for millions of Canadians and millions more people around the world on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes.

As these coins are available at face value and circulated widely, public demand is high, with many people collecting coins and taking them out of circulation. These special circulation coin programs contribute to the overall success of federal commemorative events and activities. Coins would be distributed through financial institutions with a portion reserved for public coin exchanges.

Small business lens

The small business lens does not apply, as there are no associated impacts on businesses.

One-for-one rule

The one-for-one rule does not apply, as there is no impact on businesses.

Regulatory cooperation and alignment

Given that this Order authorizes the issuance of new commemorative coins, there is no regulatory cooperation or alignment component associated with it.

Strategic environmental assessment

In accordance with the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, a preliminary scan concluded that this Order would not result in positive or negative environmental impacts. Therefore, a strategic environmental assessment is not required.

Gender-based analysis plus

No gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) impacts have been identified for this Order.

Implementation, compliance and enforcement, and service standards

Launch event tactics are developed collaboratively with federal and community partners. They may include some or all of the following: a national multimedia advertising campaign, news releases, a public launch event, media relations outreach and public coin exchanges.


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