Section II: Table of regulations, statutory instruments (other than regulations) and other documents arranged by statute—September 30, 2020

This Table provides a reference to regulations, statutory instruments (other than regulations), and other documents that are in force at any time during the current calendar year. For statutory instruments published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, which were in force in any previous year, reference should be made to the December 31st edition of the Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments of the year in question.

Statutes are arranged alphabetically by title and statutory instruments are listed alphabetically by the statute pursuant to which they were made. The registration number of each document is included after the title. If amendments are made to a statutory instrument, each section amended is indicated with the registration and section numbers of the amending instrument.

Documents that are registered but not published are indicated as such and can be inspected and obtained at the office of the Registrar of Statutory Instruments, Thomas D'Arcy McGee Building, Room 811, 90 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Canada.

Documents that, by the Statutory Instruments Regulations, are exempt from registration and publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II, are listed under the Statute pursuant to which they were made, with notice of the place where they can be inspected and obtained.

Amendments to Acts or Schedules to Acts, and the Coming into Force of Acts are listed during the year in which they are made. Subsequent reference can be made to the Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers, which lists all amendments to Acts.

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