Vol. 147, No. 4 — February 13, 2013


SI/2013-9 February 13, 2013


Debbie Johnston Remission Order

P.C. 2013-38 January 31, 2013

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, considering that the collection of the debt is unjust, on the recommendation of the Minister of National Revenue and the Treasury Board, pursuant to subsection 23(2.1) (see footnote a) of the Financial Administration Act (see footnote b), remits the amount of $1,408.60, paid or payable under Part I of the Income Tax Act (see footnote c) by Debbie Johnston, as repayment of goods and services tax credits with respect to the 1994 and 1995 base taxation years.


(This note is not part of the Order.)

The Order remits the amount of $1,408.60 with respect to the goods and services tax credits that were determined to be in excess of Debbie Johnston’s entitlement for the 1994 and 1995 base taxation years. The remission is based on financial setback with extenuating circumstances.