Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 152, Number 18: MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES

May 5, 2018



Matt Smith hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the Minister of Transport under the Navigation Protection Act for approval of the plans and site of the work described herein. Under paragraph 5(6)(b) of the said Act, Matt Smith has deposited with the Minister of Transport and in the office of the District Registrar of the Land Registry District of Prince County, at 120 Harbour Drive, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, under deposit No. 40525, a description of the site and plans of off-bottom lease C2017-008-085 (BOT-7343-L) in Conway Narrows, Prince County, Prince Edward Island.

Comments regarding the effect of this work on marine navigation may be directed to the Regional Manager, Navigation Protection Program, Transport Canada, 95 Foundry Street, P.O. Box 42, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 8K6. However, comments will be considered only if they are in writing and are received not later than 30 days after the date of publication of the last notice. Although all comments conforming to the above will be considered, no individual response will be sent.

Charlottetown, April 23, 2018

Matt Smith



The following persons are attending a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ordre des Dominicains ou Frères prêcheurs au Canada, which meeting is being held on March 23, 2018, at the head office of the Corporation located in Montréal, in the province of Quebec: Brother André Descôteaux, Prior provincial; and brothers Maxime Allard, Michel Côté, Henri de Longchamp, Bernard Fortin, Michel Gourgues, Jean-Louis Larochelle, Jean-Marc Perreault and Guy Rivard.

Upon recommendation made by Br André Descôteaux, O.P., and seconded by Br Henri de Longchamp, O.P., the following resolution is unanimously adopted:

  1. Pursuant to section 4 of the Statutes of Canada 8-9, George V, chapter 76, and in accordance with the powers invested by the statutes of the Order, notice is hereby given that a house of the Ordre des Dominicains ou Frères prêcheurs au Canada is founded and is to be located in the city of Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia;
  2. The said house shall be known and go by the name of "The Dominicans or Friars Preachers of Vancouver";
  3. The said house, under its name and title "The Dominicans or Friars Preachers of Vancouver," shall benefit of all rights and privileges in accordance with the Statutes of Canada 8-9, George V, chapter 76, given to the convents or houses of the Order founded in pursuance of the same Statute by the Corporation or the Ordre des Dominicains ou Frères prêcheurs au Canada;
  4. The head office or the main business office of the said house or of "The Dominicans or Friars Preachers of Vancouver" shall be located in the city of Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, and the first directors and officers of the said house shall be Brother Gabriel de Chadarévian, President, and brothers Guy Rivard, Claude Noël and David Bellusci;
  5. The resolution herewith shall be published in the Canada Gazette, and a duly authorized copy shall be deposited in the archives of the Secretary of State, in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph 2, section 4 of the said Statutes 6-9, George V, chapter 76.

Montréal, April 26, 2018

Br André Descôteaux, O.P.
Prior provincial and President of the Corporation

Br Henri de Longchamp, O.P.
Socius of the Prior provincial