Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 152, Number 3: COPYRIGHT BOARD

January 20, 2018

Statement of Proposed Royalties to Be Collected for the Fixation of Performances and the Reproduction and Distribution of Performances Fixed by Performers in the Form of Phonograms

In accordance with section 70.14 of the Copyright Act, the Copyright Board hereby publishes the statement of proposed royalties filed by ARTISTI, on December 21, 2017, with respect to royalties it proposes to collect from producers and record companies, effective January 1, 2019, for the fixation of performances and the reproduction and distribution of performances fixed by performers in the form of phonograms for the years 2019 to 2021.

In accordance with the provisions of the same section, the Board hereby gives notice that prospective users or their representatives who wish to object to the statement may file written objections with the Board, at the address indicated below, within 60 days of the publication hereof, that is no later than March 21, 2018.

Ottawa, January 20, 2018

Gilles McDougall
Secretary General
56 Sparks Street, Suite 800
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0C9
613-952-8624 (telephone)
613-952-8630 (fax) (email)


Short Title

1. This tariff may be cited as ARTISTI's Fixation, Reproduction and Distribution of Performances in the Form of Phonograms Tariff (2019-2021).

Definitions and Interpretation

2. (1) The following definitions apply in this tariff:

(2) In this tariff, the masculine includes the feminine and the singular includes the plural.


3. (1) This tariff

(2) This tariff does not apply to audio books.

(3) This tariff does not authorize the modification of a performance or its use in association with a product, a service, a cause or an institution.

Fixing Performances on a Sound Recording

Request for a Licence for Fixation of a Performance

4. (1) Before the date on which a performance is to be fixed, the producer shall request, in writing, a licence from ARTISTI. Said request shall identify the producer and indicate for each planned sound recording

Royalties for Fixing Performances on a Sound Recording

(2) The producer shall pay ARTISTI the following royalties for the fixation of performances on a sound recording:

Reports for and Payment of Royalties for Fixation

(3) No later than thirty (30) days following the latest fixation of a performance on a sound recording covered by the licence issued following a request made pursuant to subsection 4(1) of this tariff, the producer shall

Reproduction and Distribution of Phonograms Involving at Least one Sound Recording

Request for a Licence to Reproduce a Sound Recording in the Form of a Phonogram, and the Distribution Thereof

5. (1) Before the release date of a phonogram on which a sound recording is reproduced, the record company shall request a licence, in writing, from ARTISTI. Said request shall identify the record company and indicate the following information with respect to

Requirements for Issuing the Licence

(2) For each licence to be issued or issued pursuant to subsection 5(1) of this tariff, the record company shall respect the following terms and conditions:

Royalties for the Reproduction and Distribution of Phonograms
Reports and Payments of Royalties for Reproduction and Distribution
Records and Verification

6. (1) Subject to subsections 6(2) and 6(3), ARTISTI shall maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the producer, record company or distributor pursuant to this tariff, unless said producer, record company or distributor consents otherwise in writing.

(2) ARTISTI may make the information covered by subsection (1) public by communicating the same

(3) Subsection (1) does not apply to publicly available information or information obtained from a third party who is not subject to a confidentiality obligation in relation thereto.

Licence Non-transferable

7. The licences granted pursuant to this tariff are not transferable.

Default and Termination

8. (1) In the case of a failure to perform the obligations provided for in this tariff, and if such failure is not remedied within thirty (30) days following a written notice to this effect given by ARTISTI,

(2) The producer, record company or distributor which becomes insolvent, commits an act of bankruptcy, makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors, files for protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act or other comparable legislation in another jurisdiction, winds up its affairs, ceases to carry on business, or has a receiver/manager appointed for it or a substantial portion of its property is not entitled to do any act described in section 3 as of the day immediately preceding the date of the relevant event.

Payment Errors

9. If the producer, record company or ARTISTI discovers an error with respect to a payment made to ARTISTI pursuant to the tariff,

Interest and Penalties Relating to Late Payments and Reports

10. (1) Any amount owed pursuant to this tariff that is not received by the due date shall bear interest from that date until the date payment is received by ARTISTI. Interest shall be calculated on a daily basis at a rate of one per cent above the prime rate in effect on the last day of the preceding month (as published by the Bank of Canada). Interest shall not compound.

(2) If the record company or, failing which, the distributor, fails to provide any report pursuant to this tariff, the record company shall pay ARTISTI a late payment fee of $50 per day as of the due date, up to and until the date on which a given report is received by ARTISTI.


11. All royalties payable under this tariff are exclusive of any federal, provincial or other governmental taxes, or levies of any kind.

Addresses for all Communication

12. (1) Communications intended for ARTISTI shall be sent to the following email address:

(2) Communications with the producer, the record company or the distributor shall be sent to the last known address, electronic address or fax number given to ARTISTI in writing.

Transmission of Communications and Payments

13. (1) A payment owing pursuant to this tariff is made through ARTISTI's Paypal account, which can be accessed through its website at

(2) Communications mailed from Canada are presumed to have been received four (4) working days after the date of mailing.

(3) Communications sent by fax or by email are presumed to have been received on the day of transmission.