Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 147, Number 48: Index

November 30, 2013


Canada Border Services Agency

Special Import Measures Act

Certain copper tube — Decisions

Canada Revenue Agency

Income Tax Act

Revocation of registration of a charity

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Silicon metal — Finding

Special studies and analysis (not R&D) — Dismissal

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


2013-616, 2013-619 and 2013-622 to 2013-625

Information bulletin


Notice to interested parties footnote *

Part 1 applications


Awards to Canadians

Canadian Heraldic Authority (The) — Approvals

Canadian Heraldic Authority (The) — Confirmations of Blazons

Canadian Heraldic Authority (The) — Grants, Registrations and Confirmations

Canadian Heraldic Authority (The) — Grants, Registrations and Confirmations (Erratum)


Environment, Dept. of the

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Guidelines for the Reduction of Dyes Released from Pulp and Paper Mills

Ministerial Condition No. 17312

Environment, Dept. of the, and Dept. of Health

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Publication of final decision after screening assessment of substances — Phenol, 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene) bis[2,6-dibromo- (tetrabromobisphenol A, CAS RN 79-94-7) and two derivative substances, Ethanol, 2,2'-[(1-methylethylidene)bis[(2,6-dibromo-4,1-phenylene)oxy]]bis (tetrabromobisphenol A bis(2-hydroxyethyl ether), CAS RN 4162-45-2) and Benzene, 1,1'-(1-methylethylidene)bis[3,5-dibromo-4-(2-propenyloxy)- (tetrabromobisphenol A bis(allyl ether), CAS RN 25327-89-3) — specified on the Domestic Substances List [subsection 77(6) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999]

Finance, Dept. of

Canada–Hong Kong Tax Agreement Act, 2013, Canada–Poland Tax Convention Act, 2013, Canada–Serbia Tax Convention Act, 2013 and Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2013

Coming into force of instruments

Industry, Dept. of

Canada Corporations Act

Application for surrender of charter

Supplementary letters patent

Supplementary letters patent — Name change

Department of Industry Act and Radiocommunication Act

SMSE-024-13 — Release of Radio Systems Policy RP-008, Policy Framework for Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) and Broadcasting-Satellite Service (BSS), Issue 3, and Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-6-02, Licensing of Space Stations, Issue 3 (Provisional), and Lifting of the Moratorium on New Licence Applications for FSS and BSS in Canada

Notice of Vacancy

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Dept. of

Criminal Code

Designation as fingerprint examiner

Revocation of designation as fingerprint examiner

Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Office of the

Insurance Companies Act

Ironshore Insurance Ltd. — Order to insure in Canada risks

Northbridge General Insurance Corporation and Northbridge Indemnity Insurance Corporation — Letters patent of amalgamation and order to commence and carry on business

Transport, Dept. of

Canada Shipping Act, 2001

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation


Canadian Transit Company (The), annual meeting footnote *

CMFG Life Insurance Company, release of assets footnote *

Equitable Bank, designated office for the service of enforcement notices

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments, application for approval as an external complaints body

Ontario, Ministry of Transportation of, replacement of the Nagagami River bridge over the Nagagami River, Ont.

Order of Italo-Canadians (The), certificate of continuance

TMX Equity Transfer Services Inc., letters patent of continuance footnote *


House of Commons

Filing applications for private bills (Second Session, Forty-First Parliament) footnote *


Health, Dept. of

Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

Exemption Regulations (Consumer Products)


Copyright Board

Statements of Royalties to Be Collected for the Retransmission of Distant Television and Radio Signals, in Canada, for the Years 2009 to 2013