Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 147, Number 12: GOVERNMENT NOTICES

March 23, 2013



The Government of Canada is seeking the views of Canadians on the scope of a potential free trade agreement between Canada and Thailand.

This notice is part of the Government of Canada's domestic consultation process with business, citizen-based organizations and individual Canadians, as well as with provincial and territorial governments, to obtain advice and views on priorities, objectives and concerns to help outline the parameters of this initiative.


On March 23, 2012, in Bangkok, Prime Minister Harper and Prime Minister Yingluck of Thailand announced the start of formal exploratory talks towards a potential Canada-Thailand free trade agreement. Thailand is Canada's largest bilateral trade partner in Southeast Asia. Thailand is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which is a priority market in the Government of Canada's Global Commerce Strategy.

Thailand represents a market of some 64 million consumers and in 2011 had a GDP of $341.9 billion. (see footnote 1) In 2011, Canada's bilateral merchandise trade with Thailand grew to a value of $3.5 billion, an increase of 14.8% over the previous year. Canadian merchandise exports to Thailand registered at $839.3 (see footnote 2) million in 2011 and consisted primarily of wood pulp, cereals (mainly wheat), fertilizer, electrical machinery, and precious stones and metals (mainly gold). Canada imported nearly $2.7 billion in merchandise from Thailand in 2011, which consisted primarily of electrical machinery and equipment, machinery, prepared meat/fish products, rubber, and fish and seafood.

Canada and Thailand also conduct trade in services. In 2010, Canada exported $102 million in services to Thailand while Canada's services imports from Thailand were valued at $147 million.

The stock of Canadian direct investment abroad in Thailand totalled $669 million in 2011. Statistics Canada data for stocks of Thai foreign direct investment in Canada for 2011 are not available.

Thailand's economy provides opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors in sectors such as agriculture and agri-food, information and communications technologies, clean technologies, aerospace and defence, oil and gas, as well as capital and services projects.

Thailand has comprehensive bilateral free trade agreements in effect with Australia (2005), New Zealand (2005), and Japan (2007), and goods-only agreements in effect with India (2004) and Peru (2009). As a member of ASEAN, Thailand is party to the organization's comprehensive free trade agreements with Korea (2009) and Australia and New Zealand (2010), and goods-only agreements with China (2005), Japan (2009) and India (2010). Taken as a whole, ASEAN represents a market of more than 600 million people, a regional GDP of $2.2 trillion (2011), and a bilateral merchandise trade relationship with Canada that reached $15.5 billion in 2011, making it greater in size than Canada's seventh largest merchandise trading partner. ASEAN leaders have committed to establishing an ASEAN economic community by 2015 and to transforming Southeast Asia into a region with free movement of goods, services, investment, and skilled labour, and freer flow of capital.

Bilateral commercial relations

Canada and Thailand have a number of bilateral initiatives designed to enhance the economic relationship between the countries, including an air services agreement (1989) (see footnote 3), a foreign investment promotion and protection agreement (1998) (see footnote 4) and a double taxation agreement (1984) (see footnote 5).

Additional information on Canada's relationship with Thailand can be found on the following Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Web sites:

  • Exploratory Discussions for a Canada-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (
  • Embassy of Canada to Thailand (
  • Canada's foreign investment protection and promotion agreements (FIPAs) []
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Thailand (

Submissions by interested parties

The Government is embarking on a public consultation process to give all interested stakeholders an early opportunity to provide comments and advice on a possible free trade agreement with Thailand. It is essential that the Government of Canada be fully aware of the interests and potential sensitivities of Canadians with respect to this initiative. Advice and views on any priorities, objectives and concerns relating to a possible free trade agreement with Thailand are welcome. In particular, views with respect to the following are sought:

  • Opinions on areas of goods export interest, including products that would benefit from the removal of tariffs and other barriers by Thailand. The Government is also seeking views on the liberalization of access for Thai products to the Canadian market, including input on the elimination of tariffs on specific products.
  • Advice and views on trade in services, particularly the identification of sectors and activities of export interest for Canadian service providers, and opinions on domestic regulatory measures that restrict or otherwise affect market access for Canadian service providers.
  • Advice, views and experiences regarding the temporary entry of business persons from Canada into Thailand and into Canada from Thailand (e.g. impediments to entering or working in Thailand on a temporary basis including licensing or certification requirements at the border).
  • Advice, views and experiences regarding measures affecting exports destined for Thailand, including non-tariff barriers (such as import licensing), technical barriers to trade (including technical regulations, standards and/or conformity assessment procedures), and sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • Views on general rules of origin and on appropriate rules of origin for specific products or sectors.
  • Advice on “trade facilitation” issues (e.g. significant impediments related to import procedures).
  • Advice, views and experiences regarding customs procedures and commercial goods entering and/or leaving Thailand.
  • Advice, views and experiences regarding investment barriers faced by Canadian investors in Thailand, including restrictions imposed on foreign ownership or entry to market, questions of transparency of regulation, performance requirements (i.e. local content requirements, and use of local labour and services), and any other impediments/barriers.
  • Advice and views on priority government procurement markets for Canadian suppliers in Thailand, including the government entities or enterprises of interest to Canadian suppliers and the goods, construction services or other services that Canadian suppliers are interested in selling to those government organizations.
  • Advice, views and experiences regarding barriers (e.g. availability and transparency of information, domestic preferences) when selling or attempting to sell to governments in Thailand.
  • Views and experiences regarding the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Advice and views on competition policy matters, including development of possible cooperation mechanisms.
  • Views on ways to reflect the interests and values of Canadians in the area of sustainable development, environmental protection and conservation.
  • Views on ways to reflect the interests and values of Canadians in the areas of workers' rights, human rights, transparency in business and commercial practices, and other social concerns, as they relate to Thailand.
  • Advice and views on ways to enhance the bilateral economic relationship, such as cooperation on science and technology.
  • Advice and experiences regarding trade remedies (i.e. anti-dumping and countervailing measures) taken on trade between Thailand and Canada.
  • Views on other related issues not mentioned above.

All interested parties are invited to submit their views by May 22, 2013. Please be advised that any information received as a result of this consultation will be considered public information, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Submissions should include

  1. the contributor's name and address and, if applicable, his or her organization, institution or business;
  2. the specific issues being addressed; and
  3. precise information on the rationale for the positions taken, including any significant impact it may have on Canada's domestic or foreign interests.

Contributions can be sent by email, fax or mail to (email), 613-944-5119 (fax), or Trade Negotiations Consultations (Thailand), Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Trade Policy and Negotiations Division III (TPW-A), Lester B. Pearson Building, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2.




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March 15, 2013

Official Documents Registrar





Name and position

Instrument of Advice dated March 6, 2013

Manning, Ernest Preston, C.C., A.O.E

Queen's Privy Council for Canada


March 15, 2013

Official Documents Registrar




Removal of geographical indications

The Minister of Industry proposes that the following geographical indications be removed from the list of geographical indications kept pursuant to subsection 11.12(1) of the Trade-marks Act, where “(i)” refers to the file number and “(ii)” refers to the indication and whether it identifies a wine or spirit:

  • (i) File No. 870621
  • (ii) Pelee Island (wine)

Minister of Industry




Proposed amendments to Chapter D (Rules of Origin) and Annex D-01 (Specific Rules of Origin) of the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement — Domestic consultations

Notice is hereby given that on page 496 of the Saturday, March 16, 2013, issue of the Canada Gazette, Part Ⅰ, Vol. 147, No. 11, the subtitle “CUSTOMS TARIFF” was inserted inadvertently and should not have appeared.

March 20, 2013