Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 146, Number 51: Index

December 22, 2012


Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Notices of consultation


Bank of Canada


Statement of financial position as at November 30, 2012

Finance, Dept. of

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act

Coming into force

Customs Tariff

Proposed amendments to Canada’s General Preferential Tariff

Industry, Dept. of

Radiocommunication Act

SMSE-018-12 — Consultation on Spectrum Utilization Policies and Technical Requirements Related to Backhaul Spectrum in Various Bands, Including Bands Shared with Satellite, Mobile and Other Services



Chief Electoral Officer

Canada Elections Act

Deregistration of registered electoral district associations

House of Commons

Filing applications for private bills (First Session, Forty-First Parliament) footnote *


Fisheries and Oceans, Dept. of

Fisheries Act

Regulations Amending the Fishery (General) Regulations

Health, Dept. of

Financial Administration Act

Regulations Amending the Fees in Respect of Drugs and Medical Devices Regulations

Food and Drugs Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Financial Administration Act and Patent Act

Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Concerning Prescription Drugs (Repeal of Schedule F to the Food and Drug Regulations)

Human Resources and Skills Development, Dept. of

Canada Pension Plan

Regulations Amending the Canada Pension Plan Regulations and Repealing the Review Tribunal Rules of Procedure and the Pension Appeals Board Rules of Procedure (Benefits)

Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Act

Social Security Tribunal Regulations

Employment Insurance Act

Old Age Security Act

Regulations Amending the Old Age Security Regulations

Transport, Dept. of

Canada Marine Act

Navigable Waters Protection Act