Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 146, Number 23: GOVERNMENT HOUSE

June 9, 2012


The Chancellery of Honours announces that the Government of Canada has approved the following awards to Canadians:

From the Government of France

National Order of the Legion of Honour (Officer)

to Ms. Helen Vari

From the Government of Poland

Order of Merit (Officer’s Cross)

to Major-General David A. Fraser (Ret’d)

Order of Merit (Knight’s Cross)

to Mr. Krzysztof Tomczak

Gold Cross of Merit

to Mrs. Emilia Pohl

 Mr. Leszek Galko

Silver Cross of Merit

to Mr. Tadeusz Barnowski

Mrs. Jadwiga Gacek

Mrs. Krystyna Szydlowska

From the Government of the United States of America

Legion of Merit (Officer)

to Colonel Steven J. R. Whelan

Meritorious Service Medal

to Major Ross B. Allan

 Major Randall A. Smyth

 Major-General Christine Whitecross

Air Medal

to Major Bruce P. Barnes

Deputy Secretary and
Deputy Herald Chancellor