Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 146, Number 17: GOVERNMENT HOUSE

April 28, 2012


The Chancellery of Honours announces that the Government of Canada has approved the following awards to Canadians:

From the Government of France

National Order of Merit (Commander)

to Mr. Denis Brière

National Order of Merit (Knight)

to Brigadier-General Frederick George Bigelow

 Mr. André Lévesque

 Mr. Benoît Pelletier

National Defence Medal, Gold Echelon with Infantry clasp

to Colonel Keith Lawrence

From the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

NATO Meritorious Service Medal

to Lieutenant-Colonel Paul D. Fleet

 Major Sylvain Gazaille

 Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Grimshaw

 Master Warrant Officer Lewis H. Johnstone

 Master Warrant Officer Lorraine Pilon

From the Government of Poland

Order of Merit (Knight’s Cross)

to Mr. Jan Szymanski

 Mr. Piotr Nawrot

Gold Cross of Merit

to Mr. Tomasz Grasza

From the Government of the United Kingdom

Operational Service Medal (Afghanistan)

to Private Mario Santos Duarte

From the Government of the United States of America

Legion of Merit (Officer)

to Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard

 Brigadier-General James Ferron

 Major-General Pierre J. Forgues

 Brigadier-General David G. Neasmith

 Brigadier-General Eric G. Tremblay

Meritorious Service Medal, First Oak Leaf Cluster

to Lieutenant-Colonel Lawrence James Zaporzan

Deputy Secretary and
Deputy Herald Chancellor