Transformation initiatives at the Canada Gazette

The Canada Gazette is rethinking its publishing model and streamlining its processes and operations to adapt to a changing digital environment. The initiatives listed on this page show how the Canada Gazette is innovating.

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We established a plan with the following goals to support our vision, values, mandate and service standard and to guide our decision-making process through the Canada Gazette's Transformation.

Modernize our operations and outputs

  • Streamline the publication process to make it more efficient
  • Adopt tools to increase efficiency
  • Adjust internal workflow processes to make it easier to produce each publication

Improve our accessibility

  • Strive to ensure that all Canada Gazette publications meet accessibility standards
  • Improve our website and the user experience by making it easier to access our publications and use our services

Improve our client service excellence

  • Consult and collaborate with our clients to better understand and identify their needs
  • Design and improve our processes and services with clients in mind


Content intake
We are streamlining processes and file formats for the content submitted for publication in the Canada Gazette.

Production workflow
We are changing the production workflow so that staff can perform their tasks more efficiently.

We are looking for solutions that modernize and improve our production process.

Changes to publishing model
We are exploring different publishing models, which would give us and our clients more flexibility.

Design standards
We are simplifying the Canada Gazette layout standards.

Email notification
We are exploring solutions that send email notifications to clients when the latest content is published on our site through a subscription feature.

Improvements to the online commenting feature
We are working to improve online commenting on proposed regulations through features such as account creation and file attachments.

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