Useful Links

The following is a list of useful links to government resources available online.

  • Department of Justice
    The Department of Justice’s Web site posts the full version of all updated acts and regulations of the Government of Canada. Other legal information, such as the judicial appointments process, can also be found on this site.
  • Parliament of Canada
    The Parliament of Canada Web site provides information on Chamber business, Committee business, Senators and Members, interparliamentary affairs, current bills, inquiries, motions, reports of committees as well as other information regarding the Parliament of Canada.
  • Government of Canada Publications
    The Government of Canada Publications Web site allows you to find works written by various Government of Canada departments and agencies, created in Portable Electronic Format (PDF). More than 1,000 downloadable publications are added to their collection every month.
  • ARCHIVED – Library and Archives Canada - A Nation's Chronicle: The Canada Gazette
    Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Web site provides access to Canada’s national collection of books, historical documents, government records, photos, films, maps, music and much more. The Canada Gazette Directorate, in partnership with Library and Archives Canada, digitized the majority of issues of the Canada Gazette published from 1841 to 1997. These digitized issues are available on the LAC Web site for consultation.
  • Government of Canada
    The Government of Canada Web site provides information on the Governor General, the Prime Minister, Parliament, the Supreme Court and government news. The "Publications and Reports" section of this site also provides information and resources to find and order publications from the Government of Canada.
  • Privy Council Office
    The Privy Council Office (PCO) Web site gives information about the Prime Minister, PCO Ministers, the Clerk of the Privy Council and PCO Secretariats. In addition, the site allows you to search, by title or subject, through reports and publications of the Government of Canada.
  • Orders in Council
    The Orders in Council (OIC) database, which is found on the Privy Council Office Web site, provides a list of approved OIC’s from 1990 to the present and access to the full text of OIC’s approved since November 1, 2002.
  • Légis Québec
    Specially designed for legal professionals, the Quebec Official Publisher’s Web site publishes the revised statutes and regulations of Quebec.

Provincial/Territorial Gazettes